MRT Production

​​​​​"Portrayed with equal measures of impishness and angst by Kayla Ferguson" - Ben Brantley for the New York Times

"As Caroline, Ferguson is appropriately spunky and thoroughly devastating" -Theater Mania

"The actors are lively and likeable, meeting cute with much shouting and confusion, then sharing intimacies, pain and a flash of a possible romance." -Time Out NY

​"Kayla Ferguson completely captures the role of Caroline, the self-described "dark" teen with a penchant for photography who has a knack for recognizing "little things."" -Broadway World

"Kayla Ferguson captures Caroline's hard-earned spikiness, while showing the fiercely creative, still-hopeful person inside. She is absolutely convincing as an adolescent -- especially in her rendering of the character's mood swings -- and she can be thoroughly charming when the occasion calls for it." -Lighting and Sound America

​"Kayla Ferguson is intricately and spontaneously angry, frustrated, and suspicious of her high school classmate guest...She is reactive, not surprisingly, and delivers a high energy and complicated portrayal of this lonely and rebellious girl, who wishes for a normal high school life but is also wary of it as well." -Front Mezz Junkies

​"Ms. Ferguson and Mr. White deliver exquisite performances that manage to dodge the obvious and keep the suspense in high gear throughout the play." -OnStage Blog 

"Ferguson and White do a spectacular job of capturing the awkward jitteriness of teenagers." -Stage Buddy

"Ms. Ferguson brings out the complicated personality of someone trying to maintain a feisty outlook while fearful of counting on a future she knows to be uncertain at best." -Talkin' Broadway

​​"Kayla Ferguson fills out the difficult role with animated intensity." -NY 1


"Another character that was both entertaining and touching was that of Constanze Webber, Mozart's wife, played by Kayla Ferguson. Ferguson's portrayal brought out the silly playfulness of an ignorant girl from a lower class as well as the strength and the drama of a determined woman, which is a difficult achievement that she handled well." -Bmore Art

"And then HE appeared, the young, impish, juvenile, genius of a composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  (the amazing Stanton Nash) and his equally outlandish fiance, Constanza (the talented Kayla Ferguson)." -Broadway World Washington D.C.

​"Nash charges headlong into the vulgar stuff, matched measure for measure for measure by the engaging Kayla Ferguson as Mozart's wife Constanze." -Baltimore Sun

"Kayla Ferguson is a standout as Constanze Weber, the seemingly foolish yet underestimated and fiercely supportive wife of Mozart." -MD Theatre Guide

"CENTERSTAGE has assembled an exceptional supporting cast for Amadeus, particularly...Kayla Ferguson, as Constanze Weber, as Mozart’s feisty and effervescent, yet nurturing, wife." -DC Metro Theater Arts

"Nash’s vulnerability, coupled with Ferguson’s childlike sense of loyalty and play as Constanze, makes them an arresting couple who are vulgar, yes, but somehow touching." -DC Theatre Scene

"In supporting roles, Kayla Ferguson shows a fair amount of range as Mozart’s cloying young wife Constanze." -Baltimore Post Examiner

"Ms. Ferguson plays the role of Mozart’s fiancé then wife nicely as she must contend with his behavior but at the same time, pushing hard for his success." -OUTspoken

Photos by Richard Anderson, Dan Bianchi, Meghan Moore, Sara Krulwich for the NYTimes, and Carol Rosegg


The NaughtY Victorians


"Kayla Ferguson makes a charming Elma, effectively revealing the high schooler's mix of brains, dreams and innocence, her desire to be noticed and taken seriously. And Ferguson's comic instincts sparkle during he let's-put-on-a-show scene, reciting Shakespeare in a great, giddy whirl." -The Baltimore Sun


"...the May-December intrigue between an innocent young waitress (the funny and appealing Kayla Ferguson) and a shifty, philosophizing old lech." -The Washington Post


"Consider the bit in which Kayla Ferguson, as the young waitress, and Patrick Husted, as the professor, perform the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. It's one of the funniest renditions of Shakespeare's tragedy you'll ever see. These two actors also deliever beautifully nuanced depictions of the idealistic waitress and the cynical professor. They're the standouts." -Maryland Morning


"While the play rests upon the back of the ensemble, the story centers around the coming-of-age of the diner's young waitress Elma (played beautifully by Kayla Ferguson). -Maryland Theatre Guide

"Alexandra Hellquist and Kayla Ferguson competently evoke under-ravaged British housewives, French schoolgirls in giggly lesbian ecstasy and other variations on distaff innocence undone." -Backstage

"[The director] had a powerful performance from Kayla Ferguson, as the winsome Ann Darrow, the girl Kong fell in love with." -History News Network



59e59 Production



"It helps that Kayla Ferguson and Reggie D. White give excellent performances as Caroline and Anthony. Ferguson endows Caroline with such compellingly spiky individuality...Caroline is nobody's fool, a quality Ferguson conveys by playing her with the wised-up wiseacre affect of a young Janeane Garofalo." -The Boston Globe

"Ferguson is totally credible as a teenager and inhabits the range of complex emotions that Caroline exhibits; whether her guard is up or down, when she is dancing to her music or felled by pain, and when everything that has defined her life may be changed in an instant, Ferguson makes it feel real." -Talkin' Broadway

"As Caroline, Ferguson deftly avoids becoming a whining parody of the terminal teenager." -The ArtFuse

​"As Caroline, Ferguson has the right level of pent-up energy and emotions, like a shaken-up bottle of carbonated soda." -Nashua Telegraph

"The cast features Kayla Ferguson, as Caroline, and Reggie D. White, as Anthony. These two engaging actors embody their characters in a way that draws the audience into the story from the moment they walk on stages. From their first interaction to their last inense moments, and everything in between, they were uniquely captivating." -OnStage

​"Ferguson and White are present in every single moment of I AND YOU, establishing their own unique personalities and reveling in their discoveries about each other and themselves." -Broadway World Boston 

"Portraying Caroline, Kayla Ferguson captures the teen frustration of being 16, full of life." -The Theater Mirror