Kayla is a comic book nerd, an ex-southern belle, and an animal rights advocate. She likes watching television intensely and holding impromptu dance parties. She dislikes talking about herself in third person.  

11/07/2013: Did a quick interview with the pop culture podcast Beats and Eats about my experience on Boardwalk Empire.

11/1/2013: Added a new section about my dress up escapades. Check out the section labelled Personal.

‚Äč9/1/2013: The commercial I did for ASUS computers is now online. Check it out on You Tube

10/20/2012: Doing voiceovers for the instruction videos for Floam. The first ten are up onYou Tube.

09/09/2012: This week I shot my first commercial, a spot for a Michigan Senator. Up on You Tube.


New York City Based Actress.